Ducere Online MBA (Innovation and Leadership) with Torrens University

Posted on July 22, 2019
Business School / Provider Ducere Global Business School
in partnership with Torrens University
Duration 15 months
Commencements February, July, September
Fees (Domestic) $55000
Award/Degree Torrens University Australia Master of Business Administration (Innovation and Leadership)

Ducere Online MBA (Innovation and Leadership) Course Overview

The Ducere Online MBA in partnership with Torrens University brings together two world-class institutions to deliver an innovative, fully industry-integrated degree. If you’re going to study business, the Ducere/Torrens MBA will ensure you learn from the best in the business.

Torrens University Australia (TUA) brings a fresh and modern approach to higher education. Paired with Ducere Global Business School’s mission of premium learning experience, the program provides students with unparalleled study support and industry engagement.

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Unlike traditional education experiences, the Ducere/Torrens MBA fully integrates your studies  with major Australian organisations, including KPMG, Telstra, NAB, Save the Children and the Federal Treasury, to ensure industry-relevant skills and practical learning outcomes for students. Key program features include;

Online delivery

  • Cutting edge learning platform
  • Supported learning environment
  • Complete within 15 months or a maximum of 3 years, variable between full-time and part-time

Enhanced support

  • Dedicated Learning Experience team
  • 24/7 LMS support
  • Live webinars
  • Exclusive networking events

No exams

  • Work is assessed through a reflective portfolio
  • Industry project: 25%
  • Individual portfolio: 75%
  • Applied assessments and quizzes


  • Relevant tertiary qualification and/or work experience
  • No GMAT or entrance exams
  • Experienced staff available to discuss your candidature

Ducere MBA Program Structure

The Ducere Torrens MBA program has been designed with a holistic approach to learning and consists of nine learning divisions across three trimesters. Each trimester, students will complete three divisions and one industry project. Over the course of your study, you will work on real projects with real commercial impact, while gaining exposure to the most successful and consequential organisations in the country.

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This highly innovative project model lets you engage with MBA concepts in a holistic manner, focusing on issues and skills most relevant to today’s business world.

Strategic direction

Conduct a thorough market analysis of the threats and opportunities resulting from the disruptive impact of digitisation. Using advanced financial modelling and statistical tools, your team will present macro and micro positions supported by detailed evidence. Research and analysis will form the basis of strategic and tactical recommendations supported by detailed business cases and road maps for implementation.

Operational transformation

Undertake a rigorous data analysis of a key area of the company, determining opportunities for operational enhancement. Working with key stakeholders, your team will deliver transformational recommendations based on robust strategic planning and comprehensive financial analysis. Deliverables will take into account the viability of implementation.

Corporate innovation

Work entrepreneurially within an organisation, developing a new service offering to engage customers. Your team will deliver a market and competitor analysis, concept validation, market entry strategy and risk assessment. Your recommendations will be supported by rigorous analysis of key metrics, and your outcomes will support a key area of organisational strategy.

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