AIM Business School Expands Chartered Accountant's Network and Leadership

Chartered accountant Tristan Pham chose AIM Business School for his MBA to not only round out his technical skill set but to expand his network and leadership capabilities.

As CFO for a community college in Victoria, Tristan found the flexibility of both face-to-face and online learning best suited to his needs.

Tristan provides an overview of his MBA experience with AIM Business School and has some sound advice for others contemplating the journey.


Roger Burgess, Managing Director of AIM Business School with Tristan Pham.

When did you gain your MBA qualification?

I completed the MBA in 2017. I commenced in 2016 but had some credit applied due to previous courses and qualifications.


What was life like, professionally, before completing an MBA?

As a chartered accountant, my roles have been predominately strategy and finance oriented.

AIM Business School’s MBA program broadened my skill set and increased my technical business understanding thanks to units such as Business Decision Making and Analysis and Business Research Methods.


Why did you decide to do an MBA? How has it enhanced your career?

The MBA was a natural progression for me, as I had completed more technical qualifications in accounting and governance.

I highly recommend AIM Business School’s MBA to all students as it not only augments your technical expertise but also is an enriching opportunity to connect and learn from a diverse study body, as well as the fantastic facilitators.

Strategy, Change and Leadership are key strengths of the program, and it has expanded my horizons and practice in these areas.


Why did you choose AIM Business School? For you personally, what set it apart from other MBA programs?

I found AIM Business School to be a great fit with my busy executive career. AIM Business School’s MBA program easily stood out as it has great flexibility, with subjects starting at a higher frequency or format than most other MBA programs. The face-to-face classes were outstanding value due to the smaller class sizes, yet with strong executive/management representation.

The online classes were unique compared to other programs as they incorporated zoom sessions – similar to being in class. The forum discussions were a fantastic opportunity to research, reflect and debate constructively within a supportive learning community.

I also appreciated the format of the assessments which allowed direct application of your work circumstances to maximise engagement and learning.

Overall, I could not speak highly enough of the flexibility, direct application to your specific work/career circumstances, and engagement with peers with significant market and life experience.


What units did you do and how have they specifically helped you in your career?

Strategic Organisational Change; Leading, Managing and Developing People; and Managing, Developing and Implementing Strategy are three units I highly recommend that be done within the program. I also enjoyed Marketing for Managers as a great combination with the Strategy unit.

In today’s complex and highly competitive environment, every leader needs to be proactively strategic and equip themselves with the right change leadership/management and transformational skills to lead their organisations. AIM Business School’s MBA program offers an effective combination of units to push you to think in a new paradigm.

AIM Business School’s MBA has already opened new doors for me professionally in the fields of strategy, change management and leadership at a senior level.


Can you recall the most significant personal achievements and challenges during your studies?

AIM Business School’s MBA program offered the unique ability to apply the learnings to one’s work and career circumstances. Due to this aspect of the program, I was able to raise the bar for myself in terms of contributions to my organisation from a strategic and operational perspective.

Secondly, I also achieved a number of High Distinctions in my results, which was a proud achievement. However, like most MBA programs, the sacrifice to achieve this can be overwhelming, as life circumstances and job demands will be a priority.

It is a real journey that not only tests your willpower but also the limits of your physical and mental capabilities at times. However, the rewards are extremely satisfying.


What would be your advice for students considering an MBA?

For most students who are contemplating MBA studies, firstly get family support because it is a hard journey.

Beyond this, I just have three words: Just do it!

It is a great learning and transformative journey – if you are willing to put in the hard work. There is no shortcut.

Be ready to transform yourself. Be humble and honest about yourself in terms of what you need to develop and grow to become an effective leader.

Take every opportunity to learn from others. AIM Business School’s MBA program offers many avenues for this during the program and after graduation.


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