Should I Do A Specialisation As Part Of My Online MBA?

More than 100 years after the first Master of Business Administration (MBA) program was launched at the prestigious Harvard Business School, the degree continues to grow and change to reflect modern business practices, technologies and students’ goals.

Where once the MBA was regarded as the great ‘generalist’ degree that prepared students for general management responsibilities, it is now also a tool to help students forge a new level of expertise in a chosen field.

Today, Harvard MBA students have more than 120 courses across ten specialisations to choose from as part of their degree.

The trend towards offering MBAs with the option to specialise in a particular field has only taken hold in the last five or so years, mainly in response to student demand for access to a broader range of elective subjects.

Traditionally an MBA has comprised a group of ‘core’ subjects that all students must complete, then a range of ‘elective’ subjects that allows students to pursue their own interests.

Under the specialisation model, students still take the core subjects but then wrap their electives subjects around a particular theme, or specialisation. This approach allows them to learn in-depth knowledge in critical areas of management while homing in on industry-specific skills.

The two-year, part-time Southern Cross University (SCU) Online MBA program has embraced the concept of ‘specialisation’ with four different options – Accounting, Health Services Management, Information and Knowledge Management and Managing and Leading People.

The program has 12 core units, two elective units from a particular specialisation and a compulsory, double-weighted Industry Research Project. A typical study period at SCU takes seven weeks.

As well as being one of Australia’s most affordable MBAs, the SCU Online MBA is designed to enable you to get the most out of the program while fitting study seamlessly around work, family, and other priorities.

The focus of each specialisation and their respective units are:


A specialisation in Accounting will teach students the critical skills needed to effectively analyse business management and processes. You will gain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of business law, financial performance, profitability and solvency, enabling you to create viable solutions to a range of business needs.

The online MBA specialising in Accounting equips you with the latest concepts and knowledge to effectively manage and analyse business decisions with a keen eye on the financials. You will also gain a thorough understanding of business and company legal principles.

Specialisation electives include Business Accounting for Managers and Business and Corporate Law for Managers.

Health Services Management

SCU’s Online Master of Business Administration specialisation in Health Services Management teaches you how to effectively apply principles of strategic management and planning to a health setting.

Learn to deal with internal and external impacts, like funding cuts, internal restructure or a change in government. You may be from a health background, looking to build your general business and management skills, or maybe you come from a non-health background and want to lead change and innovation in a healthcare setting.

Focusing on issues within the healthcare sector, the online MBA specialising in Health Services Management prepares you for management roles and develops your abilities to effectively lead teams of healthcare professionals.

The specialisation electives include – Healthcare Professional Portfolio A, Leading Change in Healthcare, Principles and Practice of Clinical Accountability, and, Strategic Health Management. (Note: students select 2 units)

Information and Knowledge Management

An online Master of Business Administration with a specialisation in Information and Knowledge Management teaches you how to strategically plan and effectively execute your firm’s digitisation initiatives and knowledge management activities and projects.

The specialisation electives include Managing Digital Enterprise and Strategic Knowledge Management.

Managing and Leading People

A Master of Business Administration with a Managing and Leading People specialisation will develop both your business know-how and practical skills – with a focus on people – to advance your career or build your own business. You’ll examine contemporary management and develop solutions to complex commercial situations through the prism of the fast-paced, ever-evolving global digital economy.

This degree from SCU Online will equip you with the latest concepts and knowledge to effectively manage, motivate and inspire with leadership styles tailored to achieve strategic goals.

Electives in this specialisation include Organisational Change and Development and Human Resources Management.

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